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About Us

Art Village Nursery is a branch of the award winning Amadeus Preschool in Stockholm, Sweden and is also the first nursery in the UAE that follows the Swedish curriculum. The Swedish tradition of nursery school emphasizes the importance of play in a child’s development and learning. The interests and needs of children are key components of their education in the preschool curriculum. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, Sweden was ranked first in the early years of education and care.


With the core curriculum being taught in English, we also offer Arabic as a second language, and Swedish for the native speakers.  We also arrange other languages, like Spanish and French, as extra Curricular activities.

Our values

Democracy forms the foundation of our nursery. It promotes all children’s development and learning, and a lifelong desire to learn. An important task of the nursery is to impart and establish respect for human rights and fundamental democratic values. We believe in developing children’s ability to take responsibility and to develop their social preparedness so that solidarity and tolerance are established at an early stage. The nursery is a social and cultural meeting place, which prepares children for life in an increasingly internationalized community. Awareness of their own cultural heritage and participating in the culture of others contributes to children’s ability to understand and empathize with the circumstances and the values of others.